Op: Bill Crosier
QTH: Melbourne, FL.
County: Brevard
Rig: TS-870s
Antenna: MA5B
Fav Band: 20 mtrs
Fav Mode: CW
SKCC: 1926T
FISTS: 12063
FPqrp: 1937
QRP ARCI: 13908
NAQCC: 1405
SOC: 913
A-1 Op
WCC: 47
VCA: #1
CONECA Dr King Award

DX Spots

1.8 MHz 3.5 MHz
7 MHz 10 MHz
14 MHz 18 MHz
21 MHz 24 MHz
28 MHz 50 MHz
Digital All HF

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I was born in 1963 in Southern Indiana. I've never been married and I don't have any kids. I went to schools in Indiana, Kentucky and Florida and earned a degree in computer programming. My past careers include, welder, carpenter, painter, concrete, computer technician, radio technician, webmaster and I was once a contract computer programmer for the DoD.

I have lots of hobbies. I'm an amateur radio operator, NT9K is my callsign. I also enjoy playing my guitars, I have a Gibson Blueshawk guitar and a 1948 Gibson LG 2 3/4. Another longtime hobby is coin collecting, I focus on error coins and Lincoln cents. I like to go fishing or to the indoor pistol range to shoot my Glock 23 whenever I can. When I'm really bored, I build miniature remote control airplanes. My smallest working model has an 8 inch wing span. In the future, I plan to add a section about tiny rc planes on this website. I am also a rock hound.

I moved back to Florida again, in 2003. This time taking up residence on the East Coast. I setup a new station and started all new logs. My antenna farm consists of an inverted L for 160, dipoles strung in the palm trees for 20 and 40 meters, a 40 delta loop and a Cushcraft MA5B on top of a 40 foot crankup/tiltover aluminum tower. I use a Kenwood TS-870S and the old Yaesu FT 101EX for backup. For QRP, I built an ATS-3B, 20 meter Rockmite and a OHR WM-2. I operate QRP about 25 percent of the time. For milliwatt QRP, I just use my TS-870.

I have always prefered using a straight key, but in recent years took up the bug and sideswiper. My bugs are a Vibroplex 100th anniversary model and a GHD GN207ab with black base. My straight keys include a Navy Flameproof CMI-26003A, a CJB-26003A, homebrew amplidan from wood, G3YUH amplidan clone, the LTA-SKCC #37, LTA GMMO sideswiper and a GHD GT501MIL. My newest straight key is an Amplidan that I found in mint condition. I do own a microphone. I have a Heil Goldline GM5, I used it a few times. I am a member of the NAQCC, FISTS, Flying Pigs QRP Club and am most active in the Straight Key Century Club SKCC where I am currently serving as Webmaster.

I finally took my disability and retired in 2003. My health is pretty bad now. So, on my good days I ham full time with my little parrot buddy Fruitloop. I'm trying to teach him CW but he keeps chewing off the knob on my straight key. I finally got him his own.

Yes, I have too much free time...

73 es CUL de NT9K Bill qth Melbourne, Florida...


Past Callsigns

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