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I eat Roudybush pellets, seed mix, fruit and veggies cooked, dried, frozen or fresh. Mostly, I eat what my Papa eats except he won't let me have any of his coffee or chocolate. I'm not supposed to eat avacados but that isn't a problem cause the human doesn't like them.

When I first adopted the human, I liked Zoopreme pellets. He switched me to the Roudybush and now I like it better. The zoopreme had pretty colors and I could sling them way accross the room so the papa could step on them. Sure was fun watching him fuss.

Sometimes the papa tries to get me to eat this green stuff. I don't like it but he keeps putting it in my bowls. I play with it and when he isn't looking let it drop into the poop pit. That place under the floor in my house where all the bad stuff ends up.

I like to eat! If the human eats, I eat! When I am hungry, I want some now. So, come closer and give me some of what you got...

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