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All wet

When I first came home with the human I didn't like to take a bath. My breeder used a mist bottle to bath me. But the papa didn't do it right so everytime he tried, I would run and hide. He was trying to get me and I didn't want none of it.

The human tried putting dishes of warm water for me to get in. I got in a couple times just to see the papa act a fool. He gets so excited. But I only did it to splash the water all over. Sometimes when I get bored I go swimming in my water bowl but I like to wait until it gets real dirty so the papa makes a fuss.

One day the papa took me into the place I had never been. He made me a perch from a suction cup and a dowel rod for this place called the shower. This place is fun. The papa made the rain come on and it was SO NICE. I like to strech out and let the warm rain hit my wings. It feels so good, up until it goes away. The papa says its all gone but I don't believe him, sometimes I hear the rain and don't get none.

I like to take a bath now. Anytime is ok as long as it isn't too cold when I get out. It takes awhile for me to dry off. While I am drying I have my happy time. I sit with my eyes closed and talk to myself while I make myself pretty.

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